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Hugh’s HandBuilt Black Friday Sale!

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving – we want to show our thanks for all of your support!   We haven’t had a good sale in a long while, so this coming Wednesday through Friday we are offering a 10% Discount on ALL Items in our webstore that are in-stock. Use Coupon Code – Thank You! […]

How-To: Install Your Weld-On Headlight Mount

This one is SIMPLE folks… We all know that the XS650 Vibes are pretty tough on brackets, tabs, etc…  We’ve been using this style headlight mount since our very first XS650 Project, and never had a single failure.  PLUS, it looks killer and is as clean as it gets – No Bolt On brackets here… […]

DIY – Stick Out Your Neck, and Show It Off!

First off, yes I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any DIY or Tech Articles…  If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been a tad bit busy this year with a “few” setbacks…  But in order to get back into the groove, we’ve decided to do what we do best, and give you fine XS650 […]

Oh My Lawd! Is it true?!?!

There have been many many people interested in buying this bike over the years – but the times they are a changing, and along with those changes, we are putting the ol’ gal up for sale. Wait – is this for real?  Yeah, beyond all of the April Fools Jokes, and playing around with the […]

For Sale: 700cc Rephased XS650 Engine – Ready to go!

Its not a common occurrence, but here we have a beautiful and great running freshly rebuilt Rephased XS650 Engine for sale. This engine has it ALL! “Hey Hugh, does that Rephased Engine you have for sale have blah blah blah and such and such?” Boom!  –  Build Sheet… JE 700CC Pistons/Cylinders New Camchain Guide New […]

It’s been a while – NEW PRODUCTS!!!

We’ve had a wild year here at the Hugh’s HandBuilt shop.  If you’ve kept up, you’ve seen just how much we’ve been dealing with this season.  It’s been rough for sure, but complaining isn’t our strong suit, so we’ll just celebrate the strife and struggle with – wait – can this be real?  NEW PRODUCTS!!! […]

The Traveling Trophy

This is the tale of a rather swell feller, who I happened to meet in Baltimore this year at the Lowside Syndicate show at Timonium.  Ok, maybe not so much about the dude, the bike, or anything really, but just a fun story… First off – have you SEEN this beautiful bike?? This is “Willow” […]

270 Degree XS650 Engine

With the Flood, and the move – we are WAY behind schedule for engine builds…  As of right now, we are not taking in ANY engine builds until the current que of builds are completed. We get a TON of emails asking for rebuilt/rephased engines, and as a small shop we can’t possibly keep up […]