Google….  Seriously.  Anything you need to know, is already out there.

Short Answer – Yes, I’m always glad to help out.

Long Answer – I am always here to help out, after all, I really really love these old machines and thoroughly enjoy seeing them on the road.  However, time is a valuable resource.  Asking “Would this round and black tire look good on my build?” or “Would this paint draw women to me when I’m at the pub?” may possibly get sorted as “Lemme get back to you, after I go organize my sock drawer, and then arrange my pencils from longest to shortest”

I’m always glad to help out with Tech, Design work, etc…  But building your own bike should be an extension of your personality, so build it to suit you, don’t worry about what others think (so long as it’s safe of course)


I’ll be updating the FAQ Section in the near future, thanks for checking in folks.