Engine Building Services by Hugh’s HandBuilt


We’ve realized, that with our limited resources (time, space, people) that we haven’t been able to fulfill the demand for XS650 Rebuilt/Rephased Engines for some time.

In the meantime, we’ve been working very close with Dan at Pandemonium Customs (and have or years) to show him all of our tips and tricks on these engines.  Dan has proven time and time again, that his customer service and customer relationships are in line with what we expect here at Hugh’s HandBuilt of our own interactions, and we are very glad to say that Dan is now taking in engine builds (at his discretion of course) at his Ohio based shop.

Dan has trained here in our shop, on all the details, tooling, techniques and specs that we have been doing with our engine builds, and we’ve spent many hours together wrenching and building on these bikes over the years.  Dan has built and ridden many of his own 277 XS650 Engines for years – with great results, I’ve ridden alongside him with a big thumbs up.

While HHB is no longer capable of building engines in a timely manner, I know that Pandemonium Customs will go above and beyond to take care of you folks.

HHB will be providing 277 Cranks/Cams to Pandemonium Customs for their builds, and of course, for the general public for your own personal in house builds as well.

We aren’t going anywhere, we are just focusing on our product line which has been in such demand that we haven’t been able to fully dedicated time/resources to full engine build services for the time being.

Hit up Dan, tell him I sent ya –Happydandemonium@gmail.com

Thanks for all the work!
Hugh Owings

Hugh’s HandBuilt