Shaved/Rebuilt Fork Legs by Hugh’s HandBuilt

ATTN!  We are not accepting Rebuild/Shaving services at this time.  Spring has hit, and we are simply covered up in other work – we will remove this notice once we are able to take in more work – as always, thanks for your support!


Nothing says “Custom” more than a nicely shaved set of fork legs…  So set your bike up proper with your shaving and rebuilding services.

Fork Shaving Details:

We shave your forks in our lathe, and then manually blend and trim up any blemishes or out of round transitions on your XS650 Fork Legs.  Send in your lowers (only send in complete forks if you plan to have us rebuild them, otherwise mail in the lowers only) with clearly marked directions on each leg.  Notes such as “remove/keep this tab” with an arrow using paint pens or sharpie markers work well.

Fork Rebuilding Details:

We will gladly rebuild your forks if you mail them in to us.  Our rebuild services include disassembly, cleaning and rebuilding using quality Japanese seals and new oil.  Dust Seals are not included (these can be sourced by the owner and installed easily on the tubes before installing on the bike) – only mail your uppers and lowers assembled to us if you plan to have them rebuilt.

The Labor Rates:

$150 gets you a clean shave on your fork legs.  Shave it all, or just one tab – a flat $150 gets your forks just the way you want them.  These will be sent back “Raw” with no paint, unpolished and ready for your final reassembly and finishing (paint, powder, chrome or polish, etc..).  Send lower legs only for this service (only send uppers/lowers assembled if you plan to have us rebuild them)

$85 gets your forks rebuilt.  Details are above.  Please do not send in uppers and lowers assembled unless you plan for us to rebuild them.

$45 gets you an HHB Lowering Kit (35mm Forks ONLY) installed in your rebuilt forks, or sent back with your lowers.

$225 gets your forks fully polished.  All blemishes and scars will be blended out (as best as possible, gotta remember these things are pushing 30-45 years old now) and the lower fork tubes will be polished to a beautiful shine.

$20 gets these shipped back to ya (in the US, if outside the US contact us and we’ll get a proper rate for you)

Shipping to and From:

Ship your well packaged fork lowers or uppers/lowers (if rebuilding) to us at the address on our Contact Page.

Please do not send the Triple Trees, we won’t be needing them – thanks.

Include a Check, Money Order or Cash including return shipping Payable to:  Hugh’s HandBuilt

Include a note inside the package with your FULL Contact Information.  Email, Name, Address and Phone Number.