277 Degree Rephased XS650 Components by Hugh’s HandBuilt

*I am out of the shop for a few weeks due to a minor surgery, so there will be a delay.   Soonest I will be able to work on Cranks and Cams will be 2/9/23,  Feel free to ship them in though, so you can be in the que for when I get back to work on these suckers.  Thanks – Hugh*

You already know that we are the Go-To people for XS650 Rephasing Services, we’ve been doing it since day one, and in all honesty it is what put Hugh’s HandBuilt on the map (next to our PMA Systems).  So lets get that crank twisted for your XS650!

We are always taking in Crank and Cam Rephase Services.  The Crank and Cam are both rephased for a matched set.

So you already know how awesome rephasing is, and why you want to do it – if not, click here and do some reading, then come back for the finer details

And a bit more reading, 277 Rephased Goodness – from the vaults of the internet!

The 277 Crank Details:

First off, we disassemble your crank 100% – down to each needle bearing, rod pin, and flywheel…  This allows us to fully clean and inspect your components for wear/damage and fully assess the rebuild.  Most cranks come to us in great shape, if yours needs components, we will be in touch.  Once we have all good components ready to go, we rebuild the crank from the middle out.  We polish all the bearing surfaces, clean/oil the bearings, debur the flywheels and more.  We build these cranks for performance, and each pressed joint is trued and TIG welded* (for high RPM durability) as we build the crank.  Once the rods and outer flywheels are installed, the crank is fully trued in our fixures and given a final rod pin TIG Weld to each end for the ultimate in reliability and performance.  The crank is then ready to bolt in just like OEM.

The 277 Cam Details:

XS650 Camshafts are rephased 100% in house as well.   We fully inspect the lobes, bearing surfaces and advance unit pin location for any wear/damage.  So long as the camshaft is in good shape, we then machine and rephase the camshaft on our in house fixtures to match your rephased crankshaft.  Camshafts are sent back to you with the cam gear installed, ready to bolt in and go.  We can machine and Rephase any OEM or Reground Camshaft**.  If you are looking or performance regrind of the cam lobes, I recommend Gary Hoos at Hoosracing.com – tell him Hugh sent ya, he’ll take it from there…

The 277 Ignition:

Dan at Pandemonium Customs builds a killer 277 Ignition System.  Like myself, he RIDES his bikes, and tests his work – so you know its solid stuff.  We offer his kits in our store, or you modify an existing points ignition to run the rephased crank and cam.  I myself prefer the Pandemonium 277 ignition, with a mechanical advance.  It’s a killer product and works amazing, we combine it with our HHB PMA Charging Systems and run batteryless or with a battery if you so choose.

The 277 Install:

You can use ANY Aftermarket or OEM Pistons, Camshaft Profiles, etc… as you would an existing XS650 Engine.  The only thing that changes are the ignition, crankshaft and camshaft. Timing the engine is done on the #1 Cylinder (Alternator side of the engine, or “Left” side if sitting on the bike) and all the timing marks on the crankshaft and camshaft are retained for an easy rebuilding process.  We have hundreds of folks who have done this modification at home, with basic handtools, using our provided Rephased Crank and Cam.  And remember, if you get stumped, we are just an email away….

The 277 Labor Rates:

Crank labor is currently set at $375.  This does not include and parts that may be needed.  We do not mark up parts, we offer them to you at our cost.

Camshaft Labor is currently set at $225.

Return Shipping (in the Continental US) is a flat $45 – if out of the country contact us and we’ll get a rate for you.  If only shipping a cam, $12 is the return shipping cost.

Ship it to us:

Ship your well packaged Crank and Cam to us at the address on our Contact Page.

Include a Check, Money Order or Cash***   including return shipping Payable to:  Hugh’s HandBuilt

Include a note inside the package with your FULL Contact Information.  Email, Name, Address and Phone Number.

Make sure to include which services you are requesting on the note.

Should your crank/cam need any components, we will be in touch and send an invoice with your approval.

*Failed Cranks – Why to properly build and weld an XS650 Crank

**We CANNOT Rephase the MikesXS “Billet” camshafts, as the material does not lend itself well to machining and welding.

***All of our exchange services are based on cash/check/money order pricing.  If you prefer Paypal, we can process payments with a 4%  fee applied to the total.