Flip that fender – Trailer Trash turned Prom Queen

Trailer Fenders – What more can you say?

They work great, they are cheap, and they are tough.   They do lack a little bit in style though, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made right?  Wrong!!

I was watching a kickass video a while back from Special 79′ about how to split a tank and put a peak down the center of it.  Something I have always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten that far along in my own build just yet.

After watching the video, I watched it again.  It was that good, and Jay knows his metal work for sure.
I, on the other hand despise doing body work, but can beat the hell out of something with a hammer.  So I decided to weld up some scrap metal tubing and make my own T-Dolly to modify a trailer fender that is going on a 70’s style chop here in the shop.
Pictured here is a standard trailer fender.


After hammering and uses Jay’s techniques, I had come up with this:



If a body work hack like me can come up with results this nice, so can you.  Be sure to check out Special 79’s tech and how-to’s for your next metal fabrication job.
From Trailer Trash to Prom Queen….