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2018 – What to expect from HHB

A new year has landed upon us, and its gonna be a good one!   Looking back over the years, HHB has been a pretty intense roller coaster.  Starting in the basement of a rental house as a pipe dream, and growing into a success.  We moved from Basement to an Old Cool Industrial place […]

MOSFET Regulators? Why?

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the Blog, but here ya go! Let’s talk Charging Systems and Regulators… This may come as a surprise to lots of you, and even myself included, but Regulators are considered a wear item, much like Tires or Brakes, they have a lifespan. That lifespan is based on how […]

How-To: Properly Crimp Wires and Terminals

I posted the below pic to our Instagram and Facebook page earlier today… The first comments pretty much nailed…   Can we really beat a dead horse?  I mean, it’s just basic wiring right?  Apparently that bad wiring horse still has some life left in him…  Finish him off!   Do your wiring connections look […]

Wiring and You

Gonna keep this short and sweet… Sometimes we get returned electrical components that have “failed” – and almost always it’s due to poor connections on the wiring… Ok, Not always…  If its not, we stand behind it 100% – as always…. But when it is due to bad wiring and poor connections – we really […]

How To – Inspect and Test your PMA System

I don’t know about you folks, but for us, spring is already nipping at my heels – and that means it’s time to get your bike out of the shed and go for a ride….. Right?  Right??? Whoa!  Not so fast there!  You gotta treat these ol’ bikes just like a love relationship, you gotta […]

How To: HHB Fender Strut Kit

Let’s Get this party started!  This kit can be used on both Rigid and Swingarm bikes.  It’s a universal kit, so while it’s not 100% brand specific, we’ll be showing you how to use the HHB Fender Strut Kit on an XS650 we are working on. Why this Dual Upper Bolt Mount kit? We designed […]

XS650 Chopoff and Gathering in Ohio.

Yea man!  It’s coming!  The XS650 Chopoff has been a blast in the last 2 years, and this year should prove to be no exception. Come see us and the awesome folks at Pandemonium Customs, who are having the get together in Defiance Ohio, at Dan’s Shop.  Pandemonium Customs has hosted this event for the […]

Tuned and Stepped X-Pipes for XS650…

Well folks, before you start blowing up the email and comment section, these are NOT FOR SALE – at least not in the near future… However, in our never ending quest to make the XS650 better each day, my total gear head shop helper Cody sat down and mapped out the proper formulas for a […]