Wiring and You

Gonna keep this short and sweet…

Sometimes we get returned electrical components that have “failed” – and almost always it’s due to poor connections on the wiring…

Ok, Not always…  If its not, we stand behind it 100% – as always….

But when it is due to bad wiring and poor connections – we really wanna just reach out and smack your Momma – but it ain’t her fault, you a grown man (or woman) – so please please please, take time to do things properly…

If in doubt, get someone who can help – a proper wiring job is the difference between a proper running and reliable machine, or countless hours of frustration in the garage or on the side of the road…  I know my preference, but some folks prefer that “Side of the Road Experience” it seems.  I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to tell ya the difference…

Our CDI and PMA Systems come with amazing instructions, lots of pictures, and we show how to properly crimp your connections for reliable operation…

Pretty crimps like this:


However, if after 1/2 a dozen emails and tech support, and we get this back in the mail – well then, who’s to blame?


We know the answer – and you do too….  These wires wouldn’t pass the “tug test” – not even kinda…  They fell out of the plastic housings and wouldn’t create any form or proper connection for the systems…  We tend to see this more often than we’d like…

Its simple, this isn’t to beat anyone up really, but when it comes to wiring, you just can’t do shoddy work…  Even if you think it’s good, if it looks like the above, it’s not…

We are happy to work with you folks, we love what we do!  So work with us a bit, and don’t monkey around with your wiring….

Most companies offer “no returns” on electrical, and it makes sense given how many times we’ve seen similarly done wiring in the past….  We don’t wanna be like that, but we can’t warranty anything that shows up looking like Cro-Magnon Man worked on it in the first fire he ever made…

This has been a public service announcement from HHB to the masses.

As always, thanks for the support folks!

We’ve been covered up in work, ya’ll are loving our new CDI systems, we can barely keep them in stock!




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  1. Richard Scheffler
    Richard Scheffler says:

    Hi…Do you have a bare bones wiring harness. No turn signals, starter wiring etc. I guess “chopper” style for lack of a better term…Thanks

    • Hugh Owings
      Hugh Owings says:

      I don’t at the moment, maybe when I get some extra time I can knock out a basic chopper wiring diagram. Hugh

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