RARE XS1/TX560 Big Bore Kit (For Sale)

What we have here is a used XS1/TX650 Big Bore kit.  These are 79.6mm pistons, and came either on the extremely rare TX650 with factory 750 kit, or were installed as a dealer option.   They are for engines with 22mm wrist pins ONLY.   These are in great shape, with some extremely minor scuffing on the cylinder walls being the worst of the wear.  There are some broken fins on the cylinder (as seen on the right side of the 1st and 2nd pic), but any competent TIG welder can rebuild them easily.



The rings and pistons look amazing, and are in great shape as well.  I have a NOS Big Bore Head Gasket I will toss in with the sale.  These are no longer in production, and this is the only set I have ever seen online or in person.   Get em while the getting is good.   $450.00 OBO    Even if you could find these for your engine new, the later model version is going for $659.00.   This is a steal folks.

And Yes, I will ship overseas, but not on my dime.