Big Mountain Run – What this means for my customers

That’s right folks.  I’m taking myself on a trip through the NC and TN mountains.  As much as I’d love to stay here at the shop ALL year round for your emails, orders and phone calls, sometimes a man needs a break.  Being a 1 man shop, please take note that all operations here at Hugh’s HandBuilt will be put on hold during May 17-23rd.  You can likely plan on a few days ahead of that and after being a bit slow as well, as I’m sure I’ll have plenty of catching up to do.

Thanks for being patient with me,  and if you have any questions ahead of time, you know where to get ahold of me.
So yeah, if you wanna hang out and catch some sweet ridin’, come to the BMR.  I’ll be at Wicked Willie’s Chopper Shop in Taylorsville NC  for the Kick-Off Party, so don’t be a stranger and come say Hi…  Then lets hit the roads and have a blast.  All this work, we might as well enjoy ourselves a bit….

Be there, whats the point of all this motorcycle madness just hiding away in your garage, driveway or kitchen!  Let’s Ride Folks!  See ya there!