Speedster XS650 Hardtail

I’ve had a very patient customer waiting on some framework – and I finally got a chance to pull the frame jig out and knock this tail section out.

3″ Stretch, 4″ Ground Clearance.  1 1/8″ Lowers, 1″ Uppers – Uses stock rear wheel and axle/spacers.

This frame came to the owner already cut, and it was fairly butchered.  A standard Weld-on tail would have taken some work to get right.

As with any framework I do, I machine the proper sleeves for mating up new tubing to old original tubing.  These are then plug welded to each end of the joint.

And magically, the rest of the frame just seemed to jump into place and weld itself all up!


Well, thats enough for today, and don’t forget about the upcoming Shop Opening Party October 22-23 here in Asheville NC.  All readers are welcome – see ya soon!