Thanks for your support folks, we will be back after a short intermission, make sure to get your drinks and snacks!

all my customers: We are expanding our production and parts line, as
well as our services offered. We have just doubled our shop space, and
will need to take some time to get reorganized, get some new equipment
in place, and get our new office finished. We are still in the same
location, just getting more space. As a part of this growth, we will
be taking the next week “off” to get these things done. For those of
you who have orders pending shipment with us, they should go out on
time. New orders, or those from mid-last week may be delayed. I will
do my best to continue answering emails/phone calls/forums but please be
patient with us.
 New Office Being Built

A Dedicated Engine Building Area
And a few other things going on, soon to be announced.
We have tried to continue our daily operations while expanding, and it has proven to be just too much.  We will continue to offer the same great customer service, and excellent products as we always have, it might just take us a week or so to get back with you via email/phone/etc..
This is going to be a great thing for the XS650
community! Thanks as always for your continued support as we expand our
operations – Hugh Owings