The Tennessee Rose

I don’t do alot of bike write-ups, but this one just makes sense.  The owner is a customer of ours, and a friend.  I often see more of the owners input into their machines, and it makes me like their bikes that much more.  But I wanted to show you this bike, as it just won at The Horse Magazines “SmokeOut” in Rockingham NC this past weekend.



The owner has put alot of time and soul into this fine
machine.  And he had the foresight to pick some great help along the
way.  A line up of Dills Paintworks for the paint, Pandemonium for the
E-Bomb, Exhaust Pipes and Gas Tank, Brew Racing Frames for the
Powdercoating and a whole slew of Hugh’s HandBuilt Goodies such as the Custom Hardtail, PMA, Rephased Crank
and Cam, Speedo Delete, Hydraulic Clutch Conversion and some custom Brass Pegs; this bike was bound for success…

I’m proud to call the owner of this bike one of my friends, he’s a real cool dude, with a great attitude about building motersickles…   Congrats on the win at Smokeout, and keep an eye out for this bike, as I’m sure you won’t be seeing that last of it…

Stay tuned for other Customer Writeups…  I’ve got a few backlogged…