SOLD – XS650 Rephased Short Block – SOLD


Well folks, I’m finally getting into the middle of the road for you XS650 fans…  Middle of the road?

Most of you know that we offer our exchange crank and cam services so you can build your own engine using our 277 Rephased Goodies.  Plenty of folks are capable of building their own engine, but not all are comfortable doing so.  This is quick and cost effective for the customer willing to disassemble and reassemble their own engine.

Then we started offering full engine building services – being very time consuming and costly for the customer…  We love building them, but have been backlogged on engine builds for a while, and sadly have been turning customers away almost everyday for engine builds.

So whats the middle of the road?

A Completely Rebuilt and Rephased Short Block XS650 Engine from Hugh’s HandBuilt!  Now anyone who is comfortable installing a top end on these engines can have all the hard work done and done correctly.  This Bottom End has all the tricks and components we put in our full builds, and is ready for any top end you can throw at it.  It has the build quality and components to handle anything from a daily rider to a race bike.

These will be offered only when we have one pre-built and ready to go.

So what do you get? The Following Comes Pre-Assembled for you.

Low Mileage XS650 Bottom End

Rephased and Fully Welded Crankshaft

447 Rods

Fully Polished Bearings

5th Gear Overdrive Installed

Cases are Aqua Blasted and Fully Cleaned (Unpainted, Beautiful Natural Finish)

New Sump Filter

New Stainless Hardware

New HP Clutch Disks

New HP Clutch Springs

New HP Throwout Bearing

New HP Clutch Hardware

New 1 Piece Clutch Rod

New Camchain Pre-Installed (includes Master Link)

New Starter Gear Fix

New Bottom End Oil Seals

New Gaskets

New Shift Shaft Assembly

Electric Starter and all gears pre-installed.

What else is included in the purchase?

Matching 447 Rephased Camshaft

Base gasket

Head gasket

All Misc. Gaskets Needed for rebuild

All Oil Seals Needed for rebuild

Stainless Hardware Kit

New Side Cover Oil Filter

So basically, here is how this works…   You send us your bottom end as a core.  You will remove the entire top end, pistons, cylinders, head studs, etc..  Keep your engine side covers, cam chain tensioner and tension arm, charging system, chain sprocket and nut.  We prefer you ship the bottom end to us on an engine stand (TC Bros makes a nice one) and in a well protected crate/box.  The only thing we ask is that your bottom end is not seized or damaged.

We will then ship you our Bottom End as soon as we verify your core as rebuildable.   And all you have to do is reinstall your top end and go.  This can easily happen in a weekend for most of you folks.

If you prefer to have our bottom end in hand before shipping us your bottom end, we charge a $500 core charge which is refundable after we receive your core.  We are happy to work with you as best we can.

The above listed XS650 Bottom End is available today for $1760.00 plus your core charge.  We accept Check/Mo/Cash and interesting trades.  Paypal can be accepted under certain conditions, and Paypal fees will be added to the purchase.

We can easily add a Hugh’s HandBuilt Permanent Magnet Alternator to this unit for no extra labor costs if you so choose, just let us know.

Contact if interested