HHB T-Shirt Design Contest!

Well folks, the time has come for a new T-Shirt Design.  I’ve sold out of the old design, and while I want to print more shirts, a new design would be sweet.

Past T-Shirt Designs for Hugh’s HandBuilt:

This one was designed by a very talented tattoo artist – cool dude, and loved this shirt!

Before that, we had a VERY limited run of these shirts -again, customer generated…

I’m personally soo swamped with emails, product development, tech and then getting into the shop, that I call on you – my amazing customers and friends to help me out with some new designs for T-Shirts and Stickers.

The old design was awesome, a good feller did it for us, and we’d like to keep the tradition of having your input on how we do things. So break out those sketch pads, computers and get to creating!  We love our customers, and are always proud to wear your artwork. 

AND, it’s not all for free – anything we decide to print will be justly rewarded with an HHB grab bag of goodies, store credit or anything you might need to finish that build (if we have it of course, we have TONS of good used XS650 parts as well)

Design Specifications: Single or 2 Color at most for T-Shirts, I want to keep the prints cost effective.  Sticker designs can be multi-colored though, and we encourage that as well.  The rest is on you – freedom of design.  Submit as often as you would like to HughsHandBuilt@gmail.com

Here are a few of the designs already submitted – we’d like to keep this open until April 1st – to give everyone a chance at getting in on this.

“This design is inspired by you, the beard and beanie say Hugh’s
HandBuilt all day long to me. I left the text simple and bold so that it
stands apart from the design, no gimmicks on that everyone knows the
name Hugh’s HandBuilt and the quality it stands for.” Eric

A few more submissions: