HHB Slimline Brake Master Cylinder – Now Available

YES! We’ve tested and used a TON of master cylinders on all of our various builds, and these were such a favorite that we’ve decided to bring them directly to you folks!


HHB Slimline Brake Master Cylinder Specs:

12.9mm Bore

6″ Long Lever

Front View Level Window

Mirror Mount

Dot 3 / Dot 4 Compatible

7/8″ Bar Mount

Comes with New Banjo Fitting

Twin Post Brake Switch (hidden under the lever, very clean)

You can now ditch that ugly OEM master cylinder on your XS650 (or most any other bike with 7/8″ bars, we’ve had great luck with the master cylinder on almost all vintage Japanese bikes with a single caliper) and clean up the bars on your vintage restomod, cafe, brat, chopper, etc…  With a 6″ long lever, it’s short enough for even the narrowest bars while still putting the clamp on that front brake.  And brakes are smart, so why not get smart with a good looking and slim new master cylinder for your old bike.  It probably needs a new one anyhow if its original.

Whats it look like you say?  Well, here are a few shots…


As always, thank you soo much for your continued support of Hugh’s HandBuilt.  Without great customers and friends like you folks, we couldn’t continue to do this.  We strive to bring only the best to you folks, and will continue to do so as time allows.  Thanks soo much.