270 Degree XS650 Engine

With the Flood, and the move – we are WAY behind schedule for engine builds…  As of right now, we are not taking in ANY engine builds until the current que of builds are completed.

We get a TON of emails asking for rebuilt/rephased engines, and as a small shop we can’t possibly keep up with demand at this time.

So you want one and want it now?  I have you covered.

This is a 270 Degree XS650 Rephased engine that I built for my own personal use – but it’s not coming to fruition as fast as I’d like, so Im willing to part with the engine.

It has JE 750 Pistons, Bored Cylinders by Gary Hoos Racing.


750cc JE Pistons

270 Degree HHB Crank

270 Degree HHB Camshaft

270 Degree Pamcopete Ignition

EBC 7 Pack Clutch

EBC Clutch Springs

1 Piece Clutch Rod

HD Throwout Bearing

All NEW Seals and Gaskets

HHB Oil Cooler

New Camchain

New Camguides

New Filters

New 447 Type Rods

Ported Headwork

NOS Yamaha Valves

MikesXS Valve Springs

New Valve Guides

Brass Head Washers

Stainless Hardware

Black Chrome Painted Side Covers

5th Gear OD

Polished Shifter Rails


Speed Drilled Head for Extra Surface Area/Cooling

HHB PMA 3 Phase Alternator Included

I’ll let this one go for $7500 plus your buildable core (existing Engine Build Customers are welcome to take advantage of this as well) – would rather not ship (crating fees will be added)

From the Video Description:

Thats right folks, we finally built a 270 Degree Rephased XS650 Engine

Ok, here comes the flood of emails, questions, etc…  So I’ll just quote Wikipedia for the reason to rephase an OEM Firing Pattern of 360 (which is the stock XS650 engine configuration) to a 277 or 270

“The classic British parallel twins (BSA, Triumph, Norton, AJS & Matchless) had a 360° crankshaft that, compared to a single, gave twice as many ignition pulses, which were evenly spaced.

The Yamaha TRX850 had a 270° crank that allowed a more regular firing pattern than a 180° crank, and less regular than a 360° crank. This configuration has the best possible secondary engine balance for a parallel twin; its exhaust sound and power delivery is identical to a 90° V-twin.” – Think Ducati or Suzuki SV Series engines

While we do a TON of 277 engines (it’s the most cost effective rephase for the XS650) this one is 270 degrees.  I’ve always wanted to build one.  It requires a specially made center pin for the crank ($$$$$) and 2 donor cranks to build a single 270 crank.  Then the camshaft and ignition must also match the new firing order of course.

What you see here, is a 750cc 270 Degree XS650 Engine, using JE Pistons, our HHB D-Shaped Ported Head, 5th Gear OD, HHB 6 into 7 Clutch mod, 5th Gear OD, HHB Oil Cooler and all the other little tricks we do at Hugh’s HandBuilt

I hope you enjoy it. Go find our Blog, and check out the other cool things you can do with these bikes.  They are a blast to own, mod and work on.
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