How-To: Install Your Weld-On Headlight Mount

This one is SIMPLE folks…

We all know that the XS650 Vibes are pretty tough on brackets, tabs, etc…  We’ve been using this style headlight mount since our very first XS650 Project, and never had a single failure.  PLUS, it looks killer and is as clean as it gets – No Bolt On brackets here…

Normally, my How-To’s are super in depth, but this one is gonna be sweet and to the point.

You’ll need these tools:

  • Angle Grinder w/Flap Wheel and Grinding Wheels
  • Welding Equipment

Dang!!  That’s Easy!   Yes is it…

Im not gonna show you how to remove your lower tree (it’s not 100% required, but probably a good idea to get in there, repack your bearings, repaint, etc..) but I will show you the simple steps to installing the New HHB Weld-ON Headlight Bracket.

1.  See those ugly mounts on your Lower Tree?  I marked them in Yellow Paint Pen, but those have got to go…

2. Grind off all of those mounts flush with the body of the lower tree, you may need to blend out a few areas but you get the idea.

3.  The HHB Weld-On Headlight Mount has a “notch” in it, line it up with the casting rib on the bottom of the tree.  *This pic was taken AFTER welding, but should be able to help you through this step just fine

4.  Weld that sucker on there.  After locating the bracket how you want, I typically add a tack weld or two to hold it in place.  Final welding was done with a TIG in this pic, but MIG is just fine as well.  In the past, I’ve even built the weld up enough and blended it out – making for a really nice finished piece.

5. Go grab a cold one, because you are DONE!  Well kinda, but that cold refreshment will make the mundane task of reassembling the front end a bit more enjoyable.  Bolt up your headlight and call it done…

*The HHB Weld-On Headlight Mount is designed for use with BOTTOM MOUNT Headlights, and has 2 mounting holes to allow you to custom tailor where the headlight sits on your bike.  We think ahead like that, so you don’t have to…

“Hugh, Where do I buy this?”

In Our Store of course…  Make sure to keep an eye on the store and the blog, as we have plans for lots of new products in the works.  

Thanks so much for your business and support folks – we love our job, and you folks make it a blast to come to work each day…


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