New HHB Product Release! 100% Bolt-On Oil Cooler

It’s been long in the tooth, so to say, but as with ALL HHB products, we test, abuse, test, abuse some more, and test again.  It’s just how we do things.  We may not release a new product as fast as we would like, but when we do, you know it’s our best!

So with that said, welcome to the HHB Product Line, the Bolt-On XS650 Oil Cooler.

 *Shown Polished, currently available in Brushed Finish ONLY

This 100% Bolt-On design is designed, tested, tested again, and redesigned for the ultimate in Bolt-On oil cooler performance.

This is the largest Bolt-On Oil Cooler on the market for the XS650 Side Cover.

  • *Large Surface Area Increases Cooling Abilities
  • *120cc Oil Capacity Increas
  • *Unique 6 Fin Design
  • *Uses OEM Oil Filter – No restrictive paper elements here!
  • *Brushed Alloy Finish
  • *Includes Stainless Hardware, Gaskets and Copper Sealing Washers.

If you know Hugh’s HandBuilt, then you know we don’t offer ANYTHING
to the public that we don’t fully test ourselves.  This new oil cooler
is keeping with that tradition, having been 2 years in the making.

We have the largest surface area of any Bolt-On oil cooler on the
market, while increasing oil capacity by 120cc’s.  More oil and more
cooling surface = Cooler Running XS650 Engine!

We’ve tested various filter combinations, checking for oil pressure
losses and restriction, and found the OEM style filter works best with
the XS650 Oil Pump to keep flow and pressure at a maximum.

Hugh’s HandBuilt Tested and APPROVED!

Where to buy?  Why right at our store of course!  Click Click On This Link

As always, thank you for your support – we’ll keep doing what we do, you keep doing what you do.


Hugh’s HandBuilt