XS650Chopper.com Interview

It’s been a while, but the first thing ever published about my Motorcycle work was on XS650Chopper.com.  Ted runs a kickass website for anyone interested in building XS650’s

I had to start with a really nice machine, well out of my budget at $400 (at least it had papers).  Remember, I was doing this all on a College budget, so things were tight.  I had to make most of my parts, and got a job at the University working in the Machine Shop at night to have access to the tooling I needed to make this happen.  16 Weeks of full time classes, design studios, AND building a motorcycle for the first time.  I don’t wish it on anyone.

I won’t go on and on about the things I built, the things I ruined (like a perfectly good Brake Rotor, or 3 camshafts, or…..)

This is what I had when I finished.  Lots of sweat equity went into this thing, and the results were well worth it.  Unfortunately, my Studio Professor had a bug up his ass, and told me this was not a “Design Project” but rather a “Fabrication Project”.  I think he was just jealous – HA!!!

I had just barely finished my Rephased XS650 for my Industrial Design Senior Thesis, and Ted got ahold of me.  He had found my build thread at Pirate4x4.com and was interested in interviewing me for his website.  At the time, I was completely unaware of his site.  Hell, I hadn’t even bothered to start a build thread on any motorcycle related sites, as I didn’t think my bike ( a lowly XS650 ) was even worthy of the forums.  So, in true gearhead fashion,  I started a build thread in a Chit Chat section on a 4×4 forum.  Somewhere completely unrelated to motorcycles, and not likely to be seen by anyone but a few 4×4 gearheads.  150,000 views later, you can still read my initial interest in motorcycles right here:

The interview with Ted was cool.  I was getting feedback on my build, interest in the Rephased engine was sparking debate, and people were finally realizing that this slug of a vertical twin was capable of some real decent performance when modified.  So, in a way, I guess alot of this is Ted’s fault.  At least I’ll try to blame him for it for now.  Thanks again man.

Read the interview on XS650Chopper.com here: