Built to ride…

Sometimes I look at this picture of my first bike build, and think that I should have just left it as is…   Something about the rawness of all the materials coming together flows just right…

Now that I have several thousand miles on the finished bike, the powdercoat on the frame needs a good polishing, and some of the aluminum is getting dulled out, while the paint on the fender and tank is well worn.   Rock chips, fuel overflows, getting stuffed into the trunk of a Honda Civic, and a mishap with a jacket getting stuffed into the rear tire at about 65mph have started to take their toll on this old gal.
Lots of road miles make for a great time, but keeping a custom bike looking new takes way to much time and work if you are actually gonna ride the thing.
Flat spots on the tire polish out just like a scuff in the paint right?
 I am starting to think that my next bike build may just stay a little more natural…
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