Cheap Tricks – $3.00 Starter Delete

Wanna delete that starter on your XS650?  I would, and usually do.  While building an engine for an member, I was turned onto the idea of using a 1 53/64″ freeze plug instead of the $15.00 MikesXS kit.   There is talk of needing to sand down the edges of the plug some, but I had no such issues.



I drove the freeze plug in with a large socket and an extension…  I drove it in from the inside of the cases.  If you wanna really do the job right, pull all the gears and shafts out of the cases while you are at it…  Remember, less weight = free performance.  This mod costs about $3…

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  1. Otis
    Otis says:

    Mr. Hugh,

    can I also remove the starter reduction gears under the clutch or do I need these for the kickstarter? ( i am planning on kick only) thank you -Otis.

    • Hugh Owings
      Hugh Owings says:


      I used to remove everything, but I’ve learned that leaving the cross-shaft in place is a good idea, it doesn’t weigh much, but if the bike ever changes hands, and a new owner wants to add electric start, they don’t have to split the cases to add that component. Hugh

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