Rad Dudes and Cool Bikes….

I’ve been building an engine for a dude on the Chop Cult that goes by Jason H.  He got ahold of me a while back, and now he’s getting a pretty sweet rephased engine for his chop project.

He brought me a dead and beat down looking engine a few weeks ago, and brought his buddy along for the ride.  You might have seen these bikes over on the ChopCult, but if not, it’s worth a look.  These dudes are buying a few select pieces to work from, and then making almost all of the rest of it themselves.  My Kinda dudes.

Jason H’s “Black Sheep XS650”

Take a quick look, sweet handbuilt controls and bars, seat hinge, exhaust, risers, etc…



Pretty sweet stuff coming from the flatlands of North Carolina.

The best part of the latest trip up the mountain was that Brian brought me his XS650 to test ride.   If you haven’t seen this wild thing, you need to take a closer look!  Brian is one of these Luddites who talks about the internet as if it is some kinda ninja voodoo TV screen.  So needless to say, all his creativity must come from somewhere else, I’m gonna guess this boy sits in the sun just a little bit too long at times, but he kicks out some really sweet moto madness.





Don’t let all the lack of paint and raw materials fool you, these bikes are just about finished.  They are building them to ride for sure, and could care less about a scratch or rusty spot.

So I did get a chance to ride Brian’s bike last night, in the rain nonetheless.  I couldn’t pass up the chance honestly.  This is a man’s machine.  No front brake, an even worse rear brake, Kick-Only with a PMA charging system and a clutch that will try to toss you over the bars.  It was by far the most dangerous thing I have ever ridden.  After I left the driveway and headed to the main road,  the headlight came off and then it shot an air filter into orbit while I tried to pilot the thing 1 handed down a wet mountain road with no brakes and no lights.  I like it.

Stay tuned to these guy’s builds on the ChopCult:

Crazy ass dirt tired death trap

Jason H’s Black Sheep XS650

They are planning to make the Smoke Out East as well, so get ready to be amazed in person at all the attention to detail and sweet fabrication skills these guys are kicking out.  Now I just gotta talk them into running the Big Mountain Run sponsored by Limpnickie Lot and Cycle Source Magazine.