I got a few minutes to mock up my new ride!

Found this old Motobecane Moped tank, thought it would fit just right…

I’ve had my Dual Sport 80/20 tires mounted up for a little while now to the stock mag wheels.  Tossed the rear into the frame, and mocked up the front right where I think it should sit once the forks are built…

Tank height is 31″, frame height is 4″

I am 6′ tall for reference….

And a quick shot of potential riding position…  Real diggers have Rear Sets!!!  No Forwards or Apes for this thing.  Might figure out a sissybar of some sort to carry all my junk, but I think I can pull it off…

I’ve been a little busy stocking up and cleaning parts for the build too…  Bead Blasted cases, ported head, polished side covers, etc…  All the internals are hiding in various boxes somewhere in the shop.

And of course, one of my Rephased Cranks…

From this:

To This!

Thats it for now, I gotta get to work building my lower end of the engine, and doing some other things to plan for the Girder…  Stay Tuned…

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