Get your paint on!

My man John Dills is now taking on a few more paint jobs.  If you are a really lucky and on the ball, you’ll get in on some of the sweetest paint coming out.  You’ve seen his work in The Horse, Cycle Source, Wheels Thru Time Museum and plenty of others I’m sure…   I’ve had his work on a project of mine, and it is top notch, and his prices are more than reasonable!

Kick as Paisley!

Trout Sandwich!

Which Side Up?

And lots of other cool stuff…  He can do new, vintage, chops and stockers…  American and Japcrap (I mean this in the most modest of terms- haha) are welcome…


So make sure to hit up my friend John Dills at Dill’s Paintworks soon if you wanna squeeze in a paint job before your build is finished…