PRICE DROP! – XS650/SR500 Riser Bushing Kits

Thats right folks, after much deliberation and due to relatively fair sales, I have quit making these by hand,  and started having them CNC’D – which relates to more discounts for you!

Originally $95.00 shipped, but now available for $75.00 with all new hardware. Everything you see is Made In The USA!

Purchasing and installation information here:

Solid Riser Bushings for XS650 – SR500XS650 – SR500 Solid Riser Bushing Kit

As always, stay tuned, you never know whats going to happen around here!


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  1. ed olson
    ed olson says:

    Just acquired a 75 XS. Gonna change out the clip-ons to Tracker style bars. I could be interested in the billet TREE bushings if you still have any? Different upper Triple Tree??? I was told my XS was re phased. If I look in the cylinders, would there be some clue to tell me it has been re-phased? Thank you…Ed.

    • Hugh Owings
      Hugh Owings says:

      Ed, we keep these in stock almost all the time! We’ve been selling these for ~11 years now and it was one of the first products I created for HHB. For a rephase, if you see both pistons at the top of the stroke at the same time, its a stock engine. If one is about 1/2 way down the bore with the other at TDC, then you are rephased… Hope that helps.


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