Rollin’ to the SOE

Took a trip with my shop helper to the SmokeOut 11 in Rockingham…  Being that he just turned 18, and had never been to a big bike event, I thought it was the right thing to do…

We met up in Ellenboro NC with my friends Jason, Brian and Jeff…  I met up with Jason first.  Jason has been getting ALOT of attention on his XS over at, and I was super stoked to take this thing for a ride when he offered.  Jason has a bone stock XS engine, but it has been rephased and has a few of my little tricks inside…  Jason fired it up with 1 kick and it came rumbling to life…

I grabbed my helmet and jumped on…  I got about 20 yards down the road before I really got on it, and man did it go…  This thing was running stout!  I hit the end of the road, started slamming gears into a long straight away and saw a decent spot at a church I could turn around in…  I slipped the clutch a little, drifted through the turn and headed full throttle back to Jason’s place…

I got back to his driveway and Jason was laughing…  It seems his wife was at the Church I had turned around at, and called him ASAP when she saw his bike.  I think the conversation went something like this:

Jason:  Hey Sweetie

Jason’s Wife:  That had better not be you riding your motorcycle!!

Jason:  No Honey, Hugh is riding it, he’s taking it for a test spin, is everything ok?

Jason’s Wife:  Good thing, because if I EVER see you riding like that, I’m gonna cut your nuts off and then kill you!!!!!!!

Jason:  Yes Honey, Hugh is almost back, I love you….

Jason’s Wife:  You better! You almost gave me a Heart Attack!

Jason:  Yes Honey….

Needless to say, there was a good time to be had laughing about that in the driveway when I got back…   I told him he needed a stronger clutch so I can pull wheelies next time – haha…

The next morning we headed the SmokeOut.  Tevan (shop helper) and I were in the truck, so I got him to shoot some pics as we headed down the road…   Brian and Jason were rocking come sweet custom XS’s, and Jeff was riding some form of HD….








Only has 1 minor little issue, a dead main switch which was quickly bypassed and we hit the road again…  The SOE was fun, but nowhere near as fun as years past…  The best part was just hanging with my friends and getting there…

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