Speedo Deletes! Now Available for XS650’s

Thats right folks, its been long in the making, but I am finally ready to release my latest product for the XS650’s…

Lots of us Chopper/Bobber/Tracker/Cafe/Custom builders are deleting the giant clunky speedometer on these bikes, and that leaves most using the ugly chunky speedometer drive on the front wheel in place.  This new Speedo Delete spaces the wheel just like stock, while cleaning up your front end.

Machined from 6061 Aluminum to exact tolerances and specs, you won’t be disappointed..

NEW Speedo Delete Now In Stock! Limited Quantities Available –  Only $42.50 !

Stock Speedo Drive/Axle Spacer:

Hugh’s HandBuilt Speedo Delete:

Simply remove the wheel, remove the speedo drive, pop out the dust seal from the wheel and remove the speedo drive tabs.  Pop the dust seal back in (if you so choose, its not required now that the Speedo Unit is gone) ensure that the spacer seats against the wheel bearing* and you are ready to go…  Install takes about 15 minutes.

*If the spacer does not seat against the wheel bearing, you may need to remove a small amount of material from the hub where the speedo delete makes contact until the wheel spins freely.  It is not uncommon, being that Yamaha castings were notorious for having extra material or casting flash.

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