Moving into the new shop, also brought a great shop mate into the mix here at Hugh’s HandBuilt.  I have been very excited to share shop space with Briton Bees – who designs and builds some of the most famous and highly sought after mopeds in the US.

It has been an interesting few weeks getting settled in, and getting in the groove with 2 shops operating full time in our new location.   A few growing pains to be expected, but the best part is that I am getting exposed to a whole new world of 2 wheeled madness.

This is the kind of madness you can expect to find in “The Hive” – which we are calling our collective shop…  These are some of the bikes that Briton Bees kicks out.  Very cool, VERY FAST, mopeds and 50-90CC Race Machines…


As most of you know, I have a serious need to make things fast, even if that was never in the plans for that particular machine.  Whether its a Honda Rebel 250 that I built for my wife that runs 105+ MPH or the Rephased XS650 Engines I have become so well known for, I like speed.

My shop mate has introduced me to a whole new world of awesome, and it comes in 2 stroke form.  I’ve been drooling over some really kickass mopeds in the past month or so, and today I was given the holy grail of 2 Stroke Racing Engine bottom ends!

What you see here is a highly sought after 5 gang (thats 5 speed for us here in the states) 1969 Kreidler Bottom End.  We’re talking 16,000 RPM here!  I’m super stoked, and this is a very cool thing to get a chance to build…   Once in a lifetime really, as I’m told that it took nearly 3 years to find this bottom end.

This is Briton’s personal Kreidler Race Bike,6 Gang, H2O, with rotary valve inlet, dry clutch, total loss electrics, Lectron Carburetor and full tube chassis.  (The body work is of at Dill’s Paintworks right now)

I’m about to get my mind blown on porting techniques, pipe theory, etc…  I have ALOT to learn, and I’m excited to be learning from the master of small 2 Stroke Theory here in the states.


Well, I’m off to getting some more work done in the shop, I was just too excited not to share!