RIP – Justin McMullen – Benefit Auction

I am copying this from the TCU and ChopCult.  RIP Justin

Some of you may already know but our friend and fellow chopperhead Justin from TCU and “justinspace” from here passed away a couple nights ago from injuries he suffered in a motorcycle wreck last week. He fought hard while being in a coma for a week now but finally went to ride the great roads above.

We ( are hosting a benefit auction with items donated by members and vendors (such as Biltwell, Thanks Bill!) alike. We already have several very cool items and will be adding more up until the beginning date of the auction.

You can view the thread discussing this auction here.…howtopic=59085

and you can view the Auction itself and the items here (already a couple of pages long)…?showforum=107

Now, you can view and watch without becoming a TCU member but to keep things the cleanest you will have to register to bid (it is free though of course).

All monies will go to Justin’s wife and 4 beautiful kids he leaves behind. No one and I mean NO ONE will make money off of this. Every dime will go to Justin’s family.

Just wanted to share with you all here at ChopCult because I knew Justin was a member.

Hugh’s HandBuilt will be donating Several NEW Items from our store, so please check in and take part…  The Biker Community is amazing for taking care of each other in a time of need – Thanks For Checking In.