Engine Run Stand

So I needed to test run a new engine for a customer..  My old stand was clunky, heavy and fairly hard to use.  So we scrapped it…

This new stand is fairly simple, just a furniture dolly, a regular XS650 engine stand, and a set of “handlebars” to hold all the miscellaneous wiring…  I set it up with 2 Coils (required for testing rephased engines) a PMA regulator, and a Sparx capacitor.  Along with a “On/Off” switch, I can now test fire an engine, and test the PMA system before shipping it out to customers.

And just a quick video for this particular customer..  You’ll not that this engine is NOT even bolted to the stand, it just has a few lengths of metal rod holding it to the stand, hence the rattles and looseness…  These carbs are only to fire up the engine and test it, and do not belong to this engine either…  I just needed a set to fire up the bike, so I stole them from my Street Tracker Project…  The pipes are stock headpipes that were laying in my pile…
This particular engine was just fired up about 2-3 minutes before taking this video.  I will be breaking it in over the next few days, re-adjusting the valves and camchain, changing the oil and then sending it to it’s new owner.
VIDEO is no longer online – check out our videos on Youtube under username “Punkskalar”

Well folks, engine building season is upon us – I have 6-7 engines lined up for new builds, so stay tuned, and get yours here FAST if you want on the list – Hugh