A Visit From Canuckistan

Had some folks make the drive down to Asheville NC from Canada this past weekend…  We had spoken several times on the phone and after several back and forth emails, these folks decided to make the drive to deliver their XS650 Engine for a rebuild/big bore/rephase…

They somehow managed to find the shop, it’s not very well labeled (as of now, I have a friend from Shop 102 in Georgia making a sweet new sign for us).   I scrambled over from the Christmas Parade with my wife and some other friends to meet them.   They sent us these photos, and I thought I would share them with ya’ll.

We do have our collective “The Hive” sign up, but that is all that lets you know what may or may not be behind that door…

The engine to be built, stacked next to a recently finished engine…

We hung out, chatted, and had a great time.   These folks win the “Longest Drive to Hugh’s HandBuilt” to date!

The coolest part about this whole thing, is not that I get to build another engine, or anything to do with me at all really.  This is going to a Father and Son build.  They both drove down together, spending time with each other, and enjoying the trip.  We all headed over to Barley’s Tap and Pizza, enjoyed a great lunch, shared stories, had a few local brews and then they were off.  There was a whisper of Smoky Mountain Knifeworks, Cigars and Beer in Ohio, and a few other stops on their way home.  I was slightly jealous.

It was a pleasure to meet them both, and I’m excited to be a small part of their build…  Sometimes it is more about the experience and the journey than the final outcome.  These folks reminded me of that, and it has made my week all the better…

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