XL250 Pipe? Sure, why not!

So we had a feller come in here a week ago or so, who has been rebuilding a very nice looking XL250.  Yeah, you know the one with the 23″ front wheel?  Yeah, that one!

He had the bike pretty close to finished, minus that one hard to find item that most all older enduro/dual sport bikes had issues with.  His OEM pipe was rusted out completely, and the one on his parts bike was worse.

So we made him a new one – designed to fit the OEM frame, and use the Supertrapp muffler from his parts bike.

Machined a nice fitting sleeve to fit the OEM headpipe, and cut slits in it for a clamp, bent the rest of the pipe in one continuous piece, and then fitted a slightly larger OD tailsection to fit the larger muffler.

Lots of small, out of plane bends, but it worked out very well.  Great fit, and looked pretty good too.

Here are few shots of it on the bike.  He left the seat at home, but you get the idea.  The Supertrapp Muffler fit up nicely, and i bet it sounds pretty good too.

Fit without trimming any of the OEM mudgaurds or heat shields.  A tight fit at that.

All said and done, this was a nice challenging break from shipping out parts, and building XS650 goodies…  I love that too, but every now and then, something like this comes along and I just can’t pass it up.

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  1. Ed Flanagan
    Ed Flanagan says:

    Very Nice ! some of our favorite singles pipes are long out of production .Oe pipes are often moonshot money .

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