For Sale – Rephased XS650 Hot Rod Engine… 1 of a kind

Completely Rebuilt from Top To Bottom.  I built this engine for my own personal bike this season.  However, I have decided to offer it up to you folks.

This is the exact engine, minus carburetors:


Rephased XS650 Engine

700CC Big Bore with JE Pistons and Total Power Rings

New Heavy Duty 447 Rods

Rephased, welded and trued Crankshaft

5th Gear Overdrive

Late Model Transmission

CUSTOM 8 Pack Cluch (never before offered from HHB!)

New HP Clutch Disks

New Clutch Hardware

HD Clutch Springs

1 Piece Clutch Rod

Heavy Duty Throwout Bearing

D-Shaped Ported Head (The ONLY 1 I have ever completed to date)

3 Angle Valve Grind

New Valve Guides

Stainless Rocker Shaft Covers

Hughs HandBuilt PMA

Complete 277 Pamcopete Ignition with new Advance Unit, Rod, etc..

Green Monster Coils

Rephased 256 Camshaft

Polished Side Covers

Polished Valve Covers

Kick Only (electric can still be added if necessary)

100% New Gaskets and Seals

There is over $5169 in labor, parts and services in this engine.

I will accept $4800 plus your rebuildable core.  First Come, First Serve.

Take advantage of this, as it is RARE that I can offer someone an engine on exchange so quickly.  Our Engine Rebuilding services typically take 7-9 months…