Major New Project – This Just In!

Well folks, we just had a HUGE project come in, and we’ll be taking a little bit of time away from the shop to focus on it for a bit…

This is Rebecca Genevieve, the newest addition to Hugh’s HandBuilt…  You’ll understand if we take a few moments to enjoy our newest addition, as it’s gonna be lots of excitement and learning around here in the next few days…

But not all is lost, keep those orders coming in!  We will have Bryan and Tevan working the shop, keeping orders flowing out the door just as always.  Emails and Tech may be a bit slower as I do all that myself, and some exchange services may get a bit slower.

Just moments after her birth…  Yeah, I’m a proud Dad, so let me show off a bit 🙂

As always, thanks for patience with Emails and Tech support, and your continued support of Hugh’s HandBuilt…  Bryan and Tevan will be in the shop to keep orders flowing and I’ll be working on the computer when possible to keep up with Tech and Support.  Thanks sooo much!

Hugh – Hugh’s HandBuilt