Happenin’s at Hugh’s HandBuilt

Well folks, as you already know, I’m a new Dad – and life is grand!  I’ve been able to get in the shop during the mornings and then play Daddy Daycare in the afternoons.  We are back into the full swing of things.

We had some setbacks, our Miller Dynasty 200DX Welder died on us, but we were able to scrounge around and get a new one to get back up and running…

We put it to work as soon as it was out of the crate…  277 Goodness for some lucky folks out there who are building their own hot rod engines using our Rephased Goodies…

We outsold our ourselves for the 2nd time this year on PMA Systems…  I take great pride in knowing that our PMA systems are in such high demand that our suppliers can’t even keep up with us.  Luckily though, we should have more in stock by the end of the week, and should be able to ship as early as the first-mid of next week…

Cranks and cams are going out the door, and the rest of our parts are keeping us plenty busy with shipping.

And for those of you who keep asking when we’ll be taking in new engine builds?  Well, we are well on our way to making a ton of progress on the engines we have had for other customers, so in the near future we will be making some engine builds available again to ya’ll.
AND – let me know if you folks would be interested in Rebuilt Bottom Ends only, something we could exchange easily (shipping would be sooo much cheaper) and then you just swap on your top end…  I’ve got a line of bottom ends to assemble and thought it might make your builds go a bit smoother and faster, while being easier on the ol’ checkbook…  I’m always looking for ways to treat you folks better – so let me know if that sounds of interest.
As always, thanks for your continued support of Hugh’s HandBuilt…  We are a small shop – and your support helps to continue a little bit of the American Dream – all while working on Jap bikes!