It’s been a while – NEW PRODUCTS!!!

We’ve had a wild year here at the Hugh’s HandBuilt shop.  If you’ve kept up, you’ve seen just how much we’ve been dealing with this season.  It’s been rough for sure, but complaining isn’t our strong suit, so we’ll just celebrate the strife and struggle with – wait – can this be real?  NEW PRODUCTS!!!

Thats right – we’ve been hustling to build up some inventory and rework a few things around here to bring you fine 2 wheeled fiends some new goodies for your XS650.

How about those fancy new HHB Fork Braces – we’ve been selling those like hotcakes!


We’ve been selling these nearly as fast as we can make them, but we knew you folks demand more from us – and demands like that are something we can dig.

So how about new finishes?  Nickel Plating like seen on Tevan’s Resto-Mod Cafe’ bike?  Yeah, we can do that….

Nickel Plated HHB Fork Braces –
A Touch of Class reminiscent of vintage race bikes.
“But I only like Black, all bikes should be BLACK!” – yeah yeah, we hear that alot too, and while you won’t see alot of Black Bikes coming from the HHB shop – we can certainly appreciate a well done black machine – so these new 60% Gloss Black HHB Fork Braces are just the perfect shade of doom and gloom for your XS650 Death Machine.
Black – A Classic
Ok, so we’ve got you covered up front – the stiffest front fork brace on the market, but what about go?  GO? Yeah, Go is what HHB is all about.  So we have been busting hump to bring you some new HHB Speedster Pipes in 3 New Finishes.
“AHHH – MY Brain will explode!  How will I ever Pick?” – 3 Finishes are now Available in our Speedster Pipes – BLACK, SILVER and for those of us who tend to like a bit of RAW attitude on our rides, RAW Uncoated pipes as well.
 Just like Momma used to make us eat Hot Dogs – RAW!
Silver – This Hi-Temp Finish is tough to beat
Black? We got that covered too.  Hi-Temp finish
We’ve been doing our best to bring you only the best. As you already know, if it’s not HHB Approved (and we FULLY beat the snot out of our products – to ensure you get something we are proud of) – then you won’t find it from us.
As always, thanks so much for your continued support – we will be bringing more products to you as soon as we can, but in the meantime – enjoy that XS650 for all its worth, and we’ll see ya folks around soon hopefully.
You can find all of the above products and more at our Online Store – Clicky Clicky for a direct link to our Website Store