For Sale: 700cc Rephased XS650 Engine – Ready to go!

Its not a common occurrence, but here we have a beautiful and great running freshly rebuilt Rephased XS650 Engine for sale.

This engine has it ALL!

“Hey Hugh, does that Rephased Engine you have for sale have blah blah blah and such and such?

Boom!  –  Build Sheet…

  • JE 700CC Pistons/Cylinders
  • New Camchain Guide
  • New Camchain
  • New Stainless Rocker Shaft Plugs
  • New Pamcopete 277 Ignition complete with Coils
  • New Engine Gasket Set
  • New Brass Head Bolt Washers
  • New Copper Sealing Washers
  • New Oil Seals
  • New 1 Piece Clutch Rod
  • New HD EBC Clutch Plates
  • New Steel Clutch Plates
  • New HD Clutch Throwout Bearing/Thrust Washer
  • New EBC Clutch Springs
  • New HD Clutch Hardware Set
  • New Sump Filter
  • New Side Cover Filter
  • New Oil Tube Base Fitting
  • New Stainless Engine Hardware Set
  • New Intake and Exhaust Valves Guides
  • New Intake Valves
  • 5th Gear OD
  • New Oil Tube
  • Polished Engine Covers
  • Starter Delete (kick-Only)
  • HHB PMA Charging System Installed
  • Joker Machine Engine Covers
  • 256 Cylinder Head
  • New Rocker Arms
  • 277 Degree Rephased Crank, Fully Welded Race Crank
  • 277  Degree Rephased Camshaft, 256 Grind
  • Silver Painted Cases
  • Aqua Blasted Head/Cylinder Cover

This engine was test fired on a very COLD day in December last year, so pardon the cold running engine in the video.

This is a steal at $5500, and NO WAITING.

As you may know, we are not taking in engine builds for a good long while – as we are simply overbooked on engine builds.  So cut the wait (upwards of 1.5 years right now due to current build que) – and get this one for yourself!  This is READY TO RUN!  Add your Carbs and Exhaust, and fire it right up!

Get it now, the last 3 engines we listed here sold within 24 hours!!
So if you have been waiting for a genuine HHB 277 Engine, don’t

Bring us your rebuildable core, (core charge is $350 if you do not have a rebuildable core) or buy outright.  This is probably the LAST complete engine we will offer until late 2014, as we are committed to existing customer builds until then.

*We will NOT ship outside of the US – if you want this engine and are out of the country, please make arrangements through a shipping agency to crate/handle/etc…  Shipping in the US is up the purchaser to arrange, we will gladly crate (if needed) for cost of materials/time. 

Contact Hugh at:


7 replies
  1. Andy Wolfskill
    Andy Wolfskill says:

    I have an engine you might be interested in.
    I built s 90 degree rephrased XS650
    I got the rephrased spline from Daryl Hutcheon out of Australia and Probe Engineering Inc supplied the XS650-90L Electronic Ignition. I put Mikes XS 750 kit on it and some other stuff.
    It ran great until I dropped a valve in it.
    I swapped out engines and it’s been sitting in my shop for awhile.
    Let me know if you are interested.

  2. HeruHeru
    HeruHeru says:

    beautiful man, just F’n Beautiful: can you set up the sprocket to run a 200mm tire without a jack shaft. If not where would I go

    • Hugh Owings
      Hugh Owings says:

      Thats a good question. Would have to machine/weld a custom offset sprocket, no one I know does them anymore. Hugh

  3. Keith ward
    Keith ward says:

    I bet that motor runs like hell !! Years ago I had a 71 XS1 650 when it was only a few years old you converted it From a 360 degree to a 277 degree .. I’ve seen 360 degree triumphs that were converted to 180 that sounded like 450 Honda’s .. 277 that’s interesting .. I would like to hear one .. nice work !!

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