Holiday Giveaway! – Don’t miss out on this!

I’ve been sitting around, thinking of all the things I am thankful for this past few weeks.  I have a wonderful family, and great shop helpers that make life pretty good.   I also have a pretty cool shop dog too – haha…

Then I sat around thinking about those who are lucky enough to spend some time in the garage/kitchen/shed wrenching with their loved ones, and I though to myself “People need to do more family based wrenching” – and the idea for this giveaway was born…

Jeremy V’s boy helping him in the shop.
Most folks might know that my parents have both passed on.  What I wouldn’t give to spend some time working on motorcycles with them now.  Even just to have the memory of doing it would be awesome.
So what has this all got to do with an Awesome Hugh’s HandBuilt Giveaway?  I want you to get in the shop with your family, make some memories this season, and get your families more involved in your passions/hobbies/lifestyle if they aren’t already.
So get your son/daughter/cousin/neighbor’s kid – whoever and get in the shop working on an XS650 based project.  Even if you don’t have children of your own, get your own father/mom out there with ya or go get that random kid who is always peeking into the shop to see whats going on and have some fun.
How to enter?  
1.  Send in a pic like above, even better if you have yourself in it.  
2. Email Pics to: and make the Subject “Holiday Giveaway”
3.  Give us a brief description of what your project is and what the ultimate goals are for the project.  
4.  Let us publish the pic on our Blog – to further inspire more folks to get out in the shop with their kids/family/friends.
It’s that easy!  A single winner will be randomly selected and will receive an AWESOME package of our Parts.
Prizes you ask?  I’ve never done such a significant giveaway – The ONE winning Prize Package will include:
Hugh’s HandBuilt PMA System – a $319.00 Value
Hugh’s HandBuilt Solid Riser Bushings – a $75.00 Value
8 Metric DIY Tank/Fender Bungs – a $55.00 Value
Brake Pivot Kit – a $23.50 Value
2″ 35mm Fork Lowering Kit – a $45.00 Value
Speedometer Eliminator – a $42.50 Value
$560 worth of prizes!  All for getting in the shop and enjoying life just a little bit.  I’d say that’s a good trade!  
I’d like to have this package shipped out in time to be sitting under your Christmas Tree – so let’s get those pics sent in before December 1st.  Winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
And thanks to all of you who have made Hugh’s HandBuilt the small success that it is.  When you purchase from Hugh’s HandBuilt, you are directly supporting our part of the American Dream. My Wife (Courtney) and Child (3 Month Old Rebecca), and my 2 workers (Tevan and Bryan) are very grateful for your business.   And as always, I’m very thankful for the amazing customers who make my job the best in the world…   This is just our way of saying thanks – so get those entries in!

*Winner will be selected randomly.  Winner is responsible for shipping if out of the US.  Any substitutions/store credit are negotiable after winner is selected. Hugh’s HandBuilt reserves the right to modify the terms/conditions/prizes/etc/ of this giveaway at anytime.