Graphiti Photoshoot – The Tennessee Rose

My friend Roy built this bike, and it kicks ass… He calls it ” The Tennesee Rose” –  We did a rephased crank and cam for him, he built the engine out…  We hardtailed the frame, made the brass pegs, turned the forks and I’m pretty sure he has bought almost everything we sell…  But as much as I’d like to take some credit on this thing, Roy simply built an amazing machine with a TON of nice features.

He dropped in today, and I prompted him into a quick photoshoot at the shop…  The buildings surrounding my shop have some amazing Graphiti/Artwork on them, so we took advantage of it today.   Enjoy the pics…



Pretty rad machine, and it was a nice treat to see a customers bike totally finished.  We do so much work all over the world that we rarely see the finished projects in person…  Thanks for dropping in Roy…


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