Oh My Lawd! Is it true?!?!

There have been many many people interested in buying this bike over the years – but the times they are a changing, and along with those changes, we are putting the ol’ gal up for sale.

Wait – is this for real?  Yeah, beyond all of the April Fools Jokes, and playing around with the idea of selling this fine machine – we have pulled the trigger and put this amazing bike on Ebay.

“I can’t Believe My Eyes! It’s True, the Original Hugh’s HandBuilt XS650 is FOR SALE!!!!”

You know the bike, you know the history, and surely you know the details of the build.  I am normally a very humble man, but this bike just has something about it that still charms me to this day.  It’s been the inspiration of MANY XS650 builds, often imitated but never exactly replicated.  There is just something about the real deal, that makes the others fall slightly short.

So here are all the details and specs from the eBay add:

This is THE XS650 to own.  This XS650 is THE Motorcycle that helped kick
XS650’s into the mainstream and raise their value and recognition

Built by Hugh’s HandBuilt, this bike features an
entirely REBUILT engine, the specs alone on the engine are all top notch.
The engine has less than 25 miles on it since the rebuild.

chassis is powdercoated, as is all Black Components on the bike.  The
Paint is NEW on the tank/fender combo.  This bike has all NEW Hardware
when it was possible, chromed components and nothing left untouched in
the build.

Engine Build Specs :

  • 1981 With Matching Cases (matching ID number to frame)
  • 750cc JE High Compression Pistons (10:1)
  • NEW Big Bore Liners
  • 277 Rephase by HHB
  • 256 Camshaft
  • Ported Head
  • NOS Valves
  • NEW Valve Guides
  • NEW Valve Springs
  • NEW Rocker Arms
  • Stainless Rocker Plugs
  • 277 Ignition by Pamcopete
  • Hugh’s HandBuilt PMA Charging System (NEW)
  • 5th Gear OD
  • Polished Shift Rails
  • EBC Clutch Plates
  • NEW Steel Clutch Plates
  • EBC Clutch Springs
  • HD Throwout Bearing
  • 7 into 6 HHB Modded Clutch Pack
  • NEW 447 Crankshaft Rods
  • New Gaskets
  • New Oil Seals
  • New Oil Pump
  • New Sump Filter
  • Polished Engine Covers
  • Re-Chromed Cam Covers
  • Polished Valve Covers
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Custom made HHB Tuned Length Intake Manifolds
  • Kick-Only (no Electric start provision)
  • Foot Operated Clutch (easily converted to hand clutch if desired)
  • New Shift Shaft
  • Aqua Blasted Cases
  • Aqua Blasted Head and Cylinders
  • New Oil Tube Base Fitting
  • New Oil Tube
  • New Copper Oil Seals
  • New Camchain
  • New Cam Guides
  • Brass Head Washers
  • New Clutch Worm Gear
  • 1 Piece Clutch Rod

Chassis (all built by HHB)

  • “Zero” Stretch Custom Built Hardtail
  • New Nickel Plated 520 Chain
  • New Sprockets
  • Custom Built Rearset Controls
  • Custom Seatpan and Cover
  • Biltwell Seat Hinge
  • 2″ Seat Springs
  • 18″ Akront Rear Rim, Laced to modified XS650 Hub
  • 21″ Akront Front Rim, Buchanans Spokes, Laced to shaved and modded XS650 Hub
  • Avon Speedmaster Tires
  • Powdercoating by “Brewdude” at Brew Racing Frames in North Carolina
  • NEW Fork Tubes
  • Lowered, Shaved and Polished Forks by HHB
  • NEW Front Caliper, Pads, Brake Line, Master Cylinder
  • Custom Drilled and Lightened Rotor HHB
  • Custom Drilled and Lightened brake backing plate
  • NEW Brake Shoes
  • Custom HHB Speedster Handlebars
  • Custom Aluminum Grips
  • Shaved and Lightened Triple Trees
  • Custom Headlight Mount
  • Extremely RARE James Fuel Tank
  • Custom HHB Fuel Cap
  • NEW Petcocks ‘
  • NEW Carburators from MikesXS
  • HHB Speedo Delete
  • NEW Axles and Hardware
  • Timken Steering Stem bearing Upgrade
  • Custom Shifter and Shift Knob
  • Chrome Plated Fender Struts
  • Chrome Plated Controls
  • NEW Battery
  • New Throttle Cable
  • Vintage BSA Throttle
  • Custom Taillight and Tag Mount
  • Bates Style Headlight
  • 100% New Wiring Harness

Features and Accolades:

  • Cycle Source Magazine
  • The Horse Magazine
  • Knuckle Buster
  • XS650.com Calender Cover Bike
  • XS650 Feature Bike
  • ChopCult “Favorite”
  • Appalachian Alumni Magazine
  • Frank Bott Photography
  • Michael Lichter Photography
  • “Pirate 4×4 – Punkskalar Builds a Bike/Chopperthing” with over 250K Views
  • Lots
    and Lots more, many blogs and websites have featured this bike over the
    years – Just Google “XS650” And you can find this bike all over the

Selling to US Residents or Shipping Agents ONLY.
Shipping is to be arranged by the seller.  Crating or other Transport
will be billed Time and Materials and only upon prior approval.  If
Overseas and wanting to bid/purchase, please make sure you have a
shipping company who can handle any and all paperwork dealing with
transport.  Buyer/Winner is to pay in FULL within 4 business days of
Auction Close.  Motorcycle must be picked up with 2 weeks of Payment
(unless otherwise arranged) from Asheville NC.  

$500 Deposit is non-refundable!  Do NOT bid on this motorcycle unless you fully intend to finish the transaction.  


This bike has been a HUGE part of Hugh’s HandBuilt’s Success, I know it will be dearly missed.  She treated us really well, and I hope the new owner treats her just the same.  So thanks for looking, and take this gal home with ya!
Thank you for your support folks – without amazing customers such as yourself, we couldn’t do what we do – and we love you for that.  So keep it coming, keep challenging and inspiring us to do the “Next Big Thing” for these bikes – and Long Live The Mighty XS650!
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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Hello ,
    I saw your Xs 650 ( the Black white one )
    I have a question :
    Is this a 18×2.15 or 18×2.5 Rear wheel ?
    And a avon MK2 4.00×18 ?
    I Hope you Can help me
    Cheers Thomas

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