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Ooops, did I do that?

It has been a great January here at Hugh’s HandBuilt.   There are another 5 XS650’s that will be enjoying Re-Phased power and reliability using our services.   Thanks again for all your support, and as the business grows, keep an eye out for new products and services… These parts in particular are headed out to our […]

The Survivor XS – Almost done

Well gang, I spent the last 5 days working on the Survivor XS.  You see, I decided that my new Father in Law and I should have a bonding project.  We gave him a set of Re-Pop Anderson Pegs for Christmas 2 years ago, and told him that was his fist part on his new […]

Built to ride…

Sometimes I look at this picture of my first bike build, and think that I should have just left it as is…   Something about the rawness of all the materials coming together flows just right… Now that I have several thousand miles on the finished bike, the powdercoat on the frame needs a good […]

New Product!! Solid XS650 Riser Bushings

Ok, these have been long awaited by many of you XS650 Builders and Riders. So you got your bike built, and noticed way to much flex in the bushings on your newly built bike.  Be it a cafe racer, street tracker, restoration, chopper or bobber, no one wants to wait on the front wheel to […]

Re-Phased Goodness!!!

This is the kind of thing I live for!  Hot Rod Motorcycles of all sorts just make my bits tingle.   Some of the gang from ProhibitedGarageCo have decided to tear down an XS650, look into its soul, and squeeze some power out of her.   I stole this picture from their blog, hop you guys don’t […]

XS650Chopper.com Interview

It’s been a while, but the first thing ever published about my Motorcycle work was on XS650Chopper.com.  Ted runs a kickass website for anyone interested in building XS650’s I had to start with a really nice machine, well out of my budget at $400 (at least it had papers).  Remember, I was doing this all […]